Zendaya Shops ‘Til She Drops At Ruby And Jenna In NYC 8/1/12! @Zendaya96 @RubyAndJenna


So you all probably are familiar with the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”; but I think most of us can agree that “Shopping is a girl’s best friend” too! Zendaya had a shopping day today, August 1, 2012 at the Ruby and Jenna store in NYC. Pictures from her shopping filled day was shared via Instagram.

Zendaya wrote along with the picture above, “I’m in love with this store!! @rubyandjenna”. Zendaya is totally rockin’ all the clothes she tried on today at Ruby and Jenna’s; but then again, Zendaya looks Z-mazing in anything she wears!

Check out these pictures below, it looks like when Zendaya is going back to LA, her luggage will be filled with some more awesome new clothes to add to her fabulous wardrobe!

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