Article: Happy Birthday To The Wonderful, Olivia Holt 8/5/12! (@Olivia_Holt)


Happy, Happy Birthday to the beautiful and multi-talented, Olivia Holt! Today, August 5, 2012, the Kickin’ It star turns fifteen!! You’ve seen Olivia Holt Kickin’ It on Disney XD in her role as Kim; but get ready, because you will be seeing a lot of more Olivia Holt on your tv screens and movies! Exciting!! Olivia Holt is also in the upcoming Disney Channel movie, Girl VS Monster that is set to release on Halloween.

Here at, I wish the amazing Olivia Holt a very ‘Happy Birthday’! I hope you have a terrific day, Olivia and enjoy your birthday cake!

Follow Olivia Holt on Twitter: @Olivia_Holt and make sure you send all your birthday wishes her way!

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