Tucker Albrizzi Attends The ParaNorman Premiere And Greets His Fans 8/5/12 (@TuckerAlbrizzi)


 Actor Tucker Albrizzi attended the ParaNorman premiere yesterday, August 5, 2012 at The AMC CityWalk Stadium 19 at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California. Tucker Albrizzi, whose voice is in the movie ParaNorman, shared this picture above through his Twitter account and wrote, “Talking to E! At @ParaNorman premiere with my @JunkFoodTees Superman shirt on it says NO SLEEP FOR HEROS thx Junkfood!”

Check out this video below of Tucker Albrizzi being so friendly and accomodating as he signs autographs and takes pictures with fans at the event! Tucker is awesome!! It must’ve been great for Tucker to hear himself in the movie, ParaNorman after all his hard work on the movie!

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