Billy Unger And Brendan Meyer Raise Awareness At The RSOA3 All-star Kickball Event!


What’s better than a good ‘ol game of kickball? Raising awareness while getting your game on!! Actors Billy Unger and Brendan Meyer attended the RSOA3 All-star Kickball Event today, August 11, 2012 at Jacky Robinson at UCLA. Billy Unger, who was part of the “White Team”, shared the picture above through his Twitter account and wrote, “Rising Stars Of America kickball event with @BrendanKJMeyer! #TeamWhite won!”

Brendan Meyer shared some more pictures from the fun event below. Isn’t it wonderful to see these very talented actors show their support and help raise awareness?! I hope Billy Unger and Brendan Meyer had a blast at the event today!

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