Olivia Holt Throws The First Pitch At The Marlins Game 8/12/12! (@Olivia_Holt)


Batter up!! Today, August 12, 2012,  the amazingly talented Olivia Holt had a blast at her Radio Disney meet and greet at the Marlins Game in Miami! Olivia Holt was rocking her personalized baseball jersey as she threw the first pitch at the Marlins Game. Before the actual game, Olivia Holt was so charming and kind to all her fans who were so excited to meet her! How awesome that Olivia Holt’s fans got to meet their great role model?!

Olivia Holt shared these pictures in this article through her Twitter and Instagram account. Along with the picture above, Olivia Holt wrote, “Throwin’ out the first pitch at the Marlins game in Miami! #Holt.”

Looks like Olivia Holt had a superb day!!

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