Article: Teala Dunn BBQ Fun Vlog With Kenton Duty! (@TTLYTEALA @KentonJDuty)


 BBQs, BBQs, and BBQs are what the summer time is all about!! Teala Dunn brought some more sunshine with her super cute yellow top and bubbly personality as she attended a BBQ a couple of days ago. And guess who else was at the BBQ too?! The very talented, Shake It Up star, Kenton Duty!!

Teala Dunn wanted to share her fun at the BBQ to all her Tealanators and made this vlog with the awesome, Kenton Duty! Check out Teala Dunn’s latest vlog below featuring Kenton Duty! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, have YOU gone to any BBQs yet this summer?!

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