Kat McNamara And Joel Courtney Enjoy Their Day At Universal Studios 8/14/12!


It’s a nice, sunny summer day; so what’s better than enjoying your day at… Universal Studios?! Kat McNamara and Joel Courtney enjoyed their time today, August 14, 2012 at Universal Studios. They were joined by Joel Courtney’s brother, Caleb and their friends! Joel Courtney shared these great pictures in this article through his Twitter account. Along with one of the pictures, Joel Courtney wrote, “With @Kat_McNamara @Caleb_Courtney @Bag2Gallie and @JacobGallie at Universal Studios.”

Joel Courtney tweeted earlier, “Spending the day at Universal Studios with @Kat_McNamara @BAG2Gallie @Caleb_Courtney @JacobGallie. Come say “hey!” if you see us!”

I hope they all had a terrific time at Universal Studios today!

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