Kelli Berglund Shares Her VC Fair Photos Exclusively To BOP And TigerBeat!


Rides, rock-climbing and PINK’s Hot Dogs is just some of the fun that went down at the VC Fair a little while ago. But what makes all of that a perfect day is spending it with your family; and that’s exactly what the terrific actress, Kelli Berglund did! As I reported to you before, Kelli Berglund spent some quality time with her family at the Ventura County Fair not too long ago.

Kelli Berglund wanted to share her fun that she had to all of you and shared some exclusive pictures of her fun-filled day to BOP and TigerBeat Magazine. Check out these wonderful pictures of Kelli Berglund and her absolutely adorable younger sis below! It looks like they had a terrific day!

Check out the source article from BOP and TigerBeat to see what Kelli Berglund had to say about each of the pictures:

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