Hailee Steinfeld’s “FNO” Ad Up On The Times Square Big Screens! (@HaileeSteinfeld)


A BIG congratulations to the brilliant actress, Hailee Steinfeld on having her “Fashion’s Night Out” Ad up on the big screens of the famous, heart of NYC; Times Square!! Hailee Steinfeld shared this spectacular picture in this article of herself up on the most recognizable, Times Square Billboards through her Instagram account. Along with the picture Hailee wrote, “Guys I just think this is so cool, I’ve never had anything like this!! I’m in Times Square!!! Like you don’t understand this has been on my bucket list… Omg. Okay I’m done, sorry. #FNO”.

What a dream come true and outstanding accomplishment! Congrats again to the wonderful, Hailee Steinfeld!! So happy for Hailee!

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  1. Amazing accomplishment once again Hailee Steinfeld ! And once again too, Alexis joyvip access to your equally amazing article .

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