Kelli Berglund Sends A Special Birthday Wish To Her Sister, Kirra! (@KelliBerglund)


Happy, Happy Birthday to Kirra Berglund, actress Kelli Berglund’s younger sister!! Today, September 8, 2012; Kelli Berglund sent out a special birthday wish to her sister Kirra on Twitter and wrote, “Happy 10th birthday to the best sister in the world! Love you so much Kirra. <3”

Yesterday Kelli Berglund tweeted, “Baby Kirra will hit double digits tomorrow.. Aghh I feel like she was just 5 years old, not 10! Where has all the time goneeeee.”

It’s so wonderful to see how great and close of a relationship Kelli Berglund has with her sister. So heartwarming! Here at Alexisjoyvipaccess, I’d like to wish Kirra Berglund a magical 10th birthday!

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  1. Yeah her b-day is in 7 days she will be turning 11 I’m 11 too it took me like 3 mins to figure out is she was still 10 or 11 we have something in common we are both little sister’s not happy about it but heeeeeyyyyy turning 12 on March 4, 2014 kool right anyway piece out and remember unicorns are real duh! :)))))))) :-) :p hehehe I’m insane.

  2. Reading a book called the land of stories the wishing spell for it on Thursday and already on page 108 wow that’s what I said

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