Dylan Riley Snyder Awesome At Variety’s Power Of Youth Event 9/15/12! (@DylanRSnyder)


Actor Dylan Riley Snyder looked awesome as he attended Variety’s “Power of Youth” event yesterday, September 15, 2012 at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. The talented Dylan Snyder had a busy day yesterday as he went from Variety’s “Power of Youth” event to the USA Gymnastics Show! Dylan Snyder tweeted, “Full day with #POY2012 and USA Gymnastics show! Proud of our youth!”

Variety’s “Power of Youth” event is to encourage people to join in humanitarian causes! It’s so wonderful to see these very talented celebrities show their support towards the event. Dylan Snyder is right, I’m definitely proud of our youth too! Check out these pictures of Dylan Snyder at the “Power of Youth” event below!

Don’t forget to catch Dylan Riley Snyder in an all new episode of Kickin’ It tomorrow, September 17, 2012 and follow Dylan Snyder on Twitter: @DylanRSnyder

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