Brendan Meyer Has A Blast At Variety’s “Power Of Youth” Event! @BrendanKJMeyer @Kat_McNamara


The very talented actor, Brendan Meyer had a blast yesterday, September 15, 2012 as he attended Variety’s “Power of Youth” Event at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. Brendan tweeted, “Looking forward to seeing a bunch of my friends at @Variety #PowerOfYouth today!” Brendan Meyer enjoyed his time at the event with his fellow talented friends and his awesome brother, Lachlan. Brendan even took the pledge to “X The Text” and not text while driving with his Girl VS. Monster castmate, Kat McNamara!

Variety’s “Power of Youth” event is to encourage people to join in humanitarian causes. It’s terrific to see these very talented celebrities show their support towards the event. Check out these pictures of Brendan Meyer and friends at the event below!

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Photo Credits to: Kat McNamara (@Kat_McNamara on Twitter and @KitKatsMeow on Instagram as well as @GracieBenward on Twitter)

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