Article: Erin Unger Releases Her Heartwarming Music Video- “Little Girl” 10/24/12! (@ErinUngerMusic)


The musically dedicated, Erin Unger had a special surprise for all her fans today, October 24, 2012; and shared her heartwarming and absolutely wonderful official music video for her song, “Little Girl”. Erin Unger’s official music video for “Little Girl” includes exclusive videos and even features her brothers Eric and Billy Unger; and more!

Check out Erin Unger’s super sweet “Little Girl” music video below and make sure you share it around to all your friends! You can listen to the cheerful, uplifting song “Little Girl” by Erin Unger and more including “On My Own”, “Smile” and “Just Like You” by purchasing Erin Unger’s EP “On My Own” on iTunes! I know we all can’t get enough of Erin’s music!

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