Article: Jack Skuller’s Song “Love Is A Drum” Releases On iTunes! (@JackSkuller)


Want more Jack Skuller on your iPods so you can listen to his music on replay? Well… who doesn’t?! Jack Skuller’s song “Love Is A Drum” recently released on iTunes; and now you can buy it for all your iPods! You can purchase “Love Is A Drum” on iTunes by checking out this link: . Also, be sure you have Jack Skuller’s other song “S.U.R.E.” out on iTunes as well! You can never have too much Jack Skuller music, that’s for sure! Make sure you spread the word to all your friends and tell them to purchase “Love Is A Drum” and “S.U.R.E” on iTunes as well! They will be amazed!

Go “Behind The Scenes” with Jack Skuller and see what it was like for Jack recording “Love Is A Drum” in Jack Skuller’s video below:


Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, have YOU bought Jack Skuller’s amazing song, “Love Is A Drum” and “S.U.R.E” on iTunes yet?! What do YOU think of it?

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