Olivia Holt Gets On The Ice For Her BYOU Magazine Photoshoot 11/8/12


The lovely actress Olivia Holt got her ice-skates on and went right on the ice yesterday, November 8, 2012 for an early morning photoshoot with BYOU Magazine. Olivia Holt shared the picture above through her Twitter account and wrote, “So much fun with @ahellerPR and @byoumagazine… sneak peak of my photo shoot”.

BYOU Magazine helps girls maintain a healthy self-esteem; and it’s so great to see Olivia Holt; who is an amazing role-model, working with BYOU Magazine in this photoshoot!

Looks like such a fun photo-shoot! Can’t wait to see more pictures from Olivia Holt’s BYOU Magazine photoshoot!

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