Details: Meet The Wonderful Olivia Holt 11/16/12 In Chicago! (@Olivia_Holt @RadioDisney)


The triple threat: actress, singer and performer; Olivia Holt touched down in Chicago today, November 15, 2012. For all you Olivia Holt fans who live in Chicago; here is your chance to meet the lovely and super sweet Olivia Holt in person!

Olivia Holt will be having a Radio Disney meet and greet tomorrow, November 16, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois! Olivia Holt is so wonderful and is always so charming to her fans!

Here are more details concerning the event:

Where: Disney Store on Block Thirty-Seven, Shops on State in Chicago, Illinois

When: At 4PM wrist-bands will be distributed!

Go on and meet Olivia Holt tomorrow at her Radio Disney meet and greet and don’t forget to bring some friends along with you! It will be a super fun day that you will never forget!

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