Article: Happy, Happy Birthday To The Fabulous Teala Dunn 12/8/12! (@TTLYTEALA)


Happy, Happy Birthday to the multi-talented and super fabulous, Teala Dunn! Today, December 8, 2012; the actress, singer, fashionista and Youtube sensation will be turning the big “Sweet Sixteen”. You’ve seen the bubbly Teala Dunn show her talent in her starring role on Are We There Yet, guest roles on hit shows like Shake It Up and Naked Brothers Band, and on the AwesomenessTV girl-talk show, IMO! Not to mention, Teala Dunn’s Youtube videos are all as fantastic as she is and a thrill to watch!

Teala Dunn started her birthday celebration fun today by celebrating it on set filming episodes for AwesomenessTV’s “IMO”; and will continue to celebrate her sixteenth birthday with a “Sweet Sixteen” in the very near future!

Here at, I’d like to wish the lovely Teala Dunn a very “Happy 16th Birthday”!! Have a magical day Teala and enjoy your birthday cake!

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