Article: Cody Simpson Releases “Super Beach Kids”- Frank Ocean Re-Imagination! (@CodySimpson)


 The Australian sensation, Cody Simpson takes you through a day of the Gold Coast life in his special surprise he released for all his fans, “Super Beach Kids”. Cody Simpson’s latest song, “Super Beach Kids” is a re-imagination of Frank Ocean’s song, “Super Rich Kids”. Cody Simpson gives you that laid-back, calm vibe in “Super Beach Kids” that will make you want to listen to it non-stop!

Cody Simpson tweeted yesterday, “Dirty Vans. #SuperBeachKids, this is the crew. – “. Not only that, #SBK (standing for Super Beach Kids) trended world-wide on Twitter yesterday!

Another terrific song from the extremely talented, Cody Simpson!! Awesome job, Cody! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc what you think of “Super Beach Kids”! What’s YOUR favorite lyric from “Super Beach Kids”? I want to know!

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