Article: Zendaya Rocks Her Dance Moves In Her First Official Dance Video! Watch Here! (@Zendaya96)


 The triple threat- Zendaya had a special treat for all her Z-Swaggers and posted her first official dance video onto her Youtube channel. Zendaya along with some other very talented dancers showed their awesome moves and danced along to Kanye West’s song, “Clique”.

Zendaya tweeted today, “I might have another dance video to share with my Zswaggers!! but I can’t show u till this one goes viral!! RT”.

The very hard-working Zendaya stayed up late last night, December 28, 2012 to share this INCREDIBLE dance video; and I know we all can agree it was totally worth it!! Zendaya is such a talent!

Make sure you check out Zendaya’s first official dance video below! Don’t forget to share Zendaya’s dance video around to all your friends and family and on all your social media networks! We will make this video go viral!

Terrific job, Zendaya! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of Zendaya’s first official dance video?? What song would you like to see Zendaya dance to next?

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