VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Exclusive Official Music Video Launch Of Jack Skuller’s Song “S.U.R.E.”


 What are YOU “S.U.R.E” about?? I’m “S.U.R.E.” that you are going to LOVE musician Jack Skuller’s official music video! The musically inclined Jack Skuller’s music has a unique, rock n’ roll vibe that is an instant hit among anyone who hears it. So, what better way to kick off the new year than with the launch of Jack Skuller’s official music video??

Here at, I’ve got your exclusive first look at the launch of Jack Skuller’s official music video for “S.U.R.E.”!! You can watch Jack Skuller’s highly anticipated “S.U.R.E” official music video, which took place at The Comedy Bar (with special thanks to Ali Farahnakian); before anyone else right here, right now!

Director: Kevin Napier
Director of Photography: Hilary McHone
Producer: Hilary McHone
Associate Producer: Carol Haynes

And here it is Jack Skuller fans!! The very talented, Jack Skuller’s official music video for “S.U.R.E.”, your first official look at his incredible music video here on

Want to listen to “S.U.R.E.” on constant replay on all YOUR iPods? “S.U.R.E.” can be purchased on Walt Disney Records on iTunes here: so be sure to spread the word!

   Let’s get to know a little bit more about the director of the “S.U.R.E” music video… Kevin Napier!

Kevin Napier: Writer and film-maker, Kevin Napier’s work is known all over and has been featured in prestige film festivals such as the Santa Fe, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs Film Festivals, Aspen Comedy Arts Fest, New York Television Festival, and South by Southwest. Among the many documentaries, tv pilots, and films Kevin Napier has directed, edited, written and produced; he has also co-executive produced a FOX TV Pilot and created projects with mainstream channels like NBC, ABC, My Damn Channel and many others in addition. Kevin Napier studied and performed improv at The PIT, Magnet and UCB theaters. Using those enriching skills, Kevin Napier developed improv to scripted videos in New York City, Bangalore, India and Barcelona, Spain.

For more work from Kevin Napier, check out this link: and a current project Kevin Napier is working on can be viewed here:

Now that you have seen Jack Skuller’s excellent official music video for “S.U.R.E”, make sure you share it around to all your friends and family on all your social media networks!

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