Article: Happy, Happy Birthday To The Musically Inclined- Jack Skuller 1/26/13! (@JackSkuller)


Happy, Happy Birthday to the musically inclined, gifted musician- Jack Skuller! Today, January 26, 2013; the multi-talented and devoted singer/song-writer turns seventeen! From his very own songs including “S.U.R.E.”, “Love Is A Drum” and more; it’s clear to recognize that Jack Skuller sings from the soul and his unique vibe in his music is something we all can’t get enough of!

Jack Skuller tweeted today, “16 was a great year for me, @RADIODISNEY being a huge part of that. And of course all of you. Thanks everybody!! 17–Nice to meet ya!”

Here at, I’d like to wish the awesome Jack Skuller a very “Happy Birthday”!! Have a terrific day, Jack!

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