Article: Singing Sensation Austin Mahone Premieres His “Say You’re Just A Friend” Music Video 2/7/13! (@AustinMahone)


 Awesome dance moves? Check! Super catchy song? Check! Singing sensation Austin Mahone and Flo Rida in one music video? Check! Well, what more can we ask for? The talented- Austin Mahone had his official music video premiere for his hit song, “Say You’re Just A Friend” featuring Flo Rida yesterday, February 7, 2013 on MTV.

Already, Austin Mahone’s “Say You’re Just A Friend” music video is a HUGE hit!! In celebration of the music video premiere, Austin Mahone did a Q&A via comments on his “Say You’re Just A Friend” music video on his VeVo channel.

Check out Austin Mahone’s TERRIFIC music video to “Say You’re Just A Friend” featuring Flo Rida below. C’mon, I think we all can agree we can’t help but jam out to this song everytime we hear it!

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