Article: “Behind The Scenes” Of Olivia Holt Beautiful In Black On Set Of Her Glamoholic Magazine Photoshoot!


 The triple threat- Olivia Holt looked ravishing, as always, on set of her Glamoholic Magazine photoshoot that took place a little while ago. Looking beautiful in black, Olivia Holt and Glamoholic Magazine give YOU a “Behind The Scenes” look at Olivia Holt’s photo-shoot! The fun-loving Olivia Holt has some laughs and truly enjoys her time on set of her photoshoot!

Check out this “Behind The Scenes” video of Olivia Holt looking marvelous on set of her Glamoholic Magazine photoshoot below! Olivia Holt’s full feature in Glamoholic Magazine will be released in the upcoming issue out on March 5, 2013! I can’t wait to see all these wonderful pictures of Olivia Holt in Glamoholic Magazine!

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