Article: “1600 Penn” Star Benjamin Stockham Appears On Fox 5 San Diego Morning News 2/28/13! (@BenJStockham)


 You’ve seen actor- Benjamin Stockham star as “Xander Gilchrist” in NBC’s latest tv series, 1600 Penn; and just as great as he is on the tv screen is as great as he is during interviews! The awesome Benjamin Stockham made an appearance on Fox 5 San Diego Morning News yesterday, February 28, 2013. Benjamin Stockham sat down to speak all about 1600 Penn and even dished on technology!

Find out what Benjamin Stockham had to say in his Fox 5 San Diego Morning News interview at this link: . Benjamin Stockham even sends some special thanks to those who have always supported him!

Don’t miss Benjamin Stockham on NBC’s 1600 Penn; Thursdays at 9:30c.

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