Dylan Riley Snyder And Kenton Duty Show Their Support For A Charity Fundraiser Along With Shoe Crew!


Kickin’ It star Dylan Riley Snyder and Shake It Up! star Kenton Duty showed their support yesterday, March 16, 2013 for a charity fundraiser along with Shoe Crew in Santa Clarita. What amazing teens; hard-working, talented, and always thinking about helping others! Dylan Riley Snyder shared this fantastic picture in this article.

Along with a picture Dylan Riley Snyder shared through his official Facebook fan-page, Dylan wrote, “Outting in Santa Clarita after charity fund raiser for A Place Called Home for disadvantaged youths. The Shoe Crew took formalwear donations..washed cars.. and had an awsome assortment of yummy baked goods for sale. Kenton and I have a great time with this giving group of kids helping the community. Serious fans of our Disney shows!”

How awesome! Did you meet Dylan Riley Snyder and Kenton Duty at the Shoe Crew fundraiser? What do YOU do to help and give-back? So wonderful seeing Dylan Riley Snyder and Kenton Duty as well as Show Crew show their support for a terrific charity!

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