Audrey Whitby Lovely At The 2013 KCA Pre-Party 3/22/13! (@AudreyWhitby)


Actress/IMO star- Audrey Whitby looked beautiful (as usual) and so lovely as she attended the 2013 KCA Pre-Party yesterday, March 22, 2013. Audrey Whitby rocked a new brown hair color yesterday at the event. I think we all can agree Audrey Whitby just looks fantastic in any kind of hair color!

Audrey Whitby shared the picture above through her Twitter account and wrote, “KCA Pre-Party! ….and yes, I have brown hair. Next week it is likely to change again! HAPPY FRIDAY Friends!”

Audrey Whitby wrote along with the great picture she shared below through her Instagram account, “Last night with these lovely ladies @ryrynewman @calikira #KCAparty ❤”.


Terrific! I hope Audrey Whitby had a wonderful time at the KCA Pre-Party!

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