Article: Happy Birthday To Singing Sensation, Austin Mahone 4/4/13! (@AustinMahone)


Happy, Happy Birthday to the singing sensation, heartthrob: Austin Mahone!! Today, April 4, 2013 the awesome Austin Mahone turns seventeen! After starting his music career off by posting covers on his Youtube channel; in just a short period of time, Austin Mahone’s success has grown rapidly and he is continuing to gain fans each day! Austin Mahone is a familiar face to us on many renowned music shows and channels such as MTV! Austin Mahone’s super catchy songs that Mahomies can’t get enough of include his hit songs “Say Somethin”, “11:11”, “Say You’re Just A Friend” (Featuring Flo Rida), “Shawty Shawty” and the list goes on and on!  

Here at I wish the multi-talented musician, Austin Mahone a very “Happy Birthday” and continued success with his career! Have a wonderful birthday, Austin!

Follow Austin Mahone on Twitter and Instagram: @AustinMahone! “Say Somethin” and send him your birthday wishes!

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