Adam Irigoyen And Ryan Ochoa Show Their Support For Roshon At His GVS Grand Opening!


It’s a big day for the multi-talented Roshon! Today, April 7, 2013 is the grand opening of his dance studio- Grand Vault! Tons and tons of Roshon’s fans and good friends came out to show their support for this exciting day. The awesome Adam Irigoyen and Ryan Ochoa showed their support for their buddy Roshon today at the GVS grand opening.

Adam Irigoyen shared this great picture in this article through his Twitter account and wrote, “At GVS Grand Opening!! Everyone needs to come check it! So dope! Love my boy @Roshon!!!!!! RT”.

So awesome! Congrats, Roshon! Terrific picture Adam and Ryan! Hope everyone enjoyed their day today!

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