Caroline Sunshine Jumps For Joy And Celebrates “National Grilled Cheese Day” 4/12/13! (@CSUNSHINE)


If there is one thing people know about Caroline Sunshine (besides her radiating sunshine and happiness everywhere she goes and being oh, so multi-talented!) is that Caroline Sunshine absolutely loves grilled cheese! Since today, April 12, 2013 was “National Grilled Cheese Day” there is no doubt it was quite an exciting day for Caroline!

Caroline Sunshine jumped for joy today celebrating “National Grilled Cheese Day” and shared this super cool picture in this article through her Instagram account. Along with the picture Caroline wrote, “As you all may know, today is one of my favorite days in the entire year: National Grilled Cheese Day!!! This year I am celebrating at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. Happy National Grilled Cheese Day everyone from my stomach to yours. ❤”

Yummy! Makes me hungry! I hope Caroline Sunshine had a fun (and grilled cheese- filling) day today!

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