Article: Go “Behind The Scenes” Of Jillian Rose Reed’s Fantastic Nationalist Magazine Cover Photoshoot!


 Now that you’ve seen actress Jillian Rose Reed look ravishing on the cover of the April issue of Nationalist Magazine, did you wonder what it was like on set of Jillian Rose Reed’s cover photoshoot? Were you asking yourself, “What went down at Jillian Rose Reed’s Nationalist Magazine photoshoot?”. Well no need to wonder! Nationalist Magazine and Jillian Rose Reed are taking you, yeah, you “Behind The Scenes” of Jillian Rose Reed’s April issue cover photoshoot.

Jillian Rose Reed talks about her favorite look on set of the photoshoot, her fashion “go-to”; and more! Jillian Rose Reed even spills who her celebrity crush is! Can you guess who?! Find out in the “Behind The Scenes” video of Jillian Rose Reed below!

Catch Jillian Rose Reed on the season three premiere of MTV’s hit TV show, Awkward tomorrow, April 16, 2013 at 10:00 PM on MTV with back-to-back awesome episodes! I’ll be tuning in… will YOU?!

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