Article: Happy, Happy Birthday To The Multi-Talented, Radiant- Alli Simpson 4/24/13! (@AlliSimpson)


 Happy, Happy Birthday to the multi-talented, fun-loving, and well-rounded: Alli Simpson! Today, April 24, 2013; the beautiful Alli Simpson turns fifteen! Alli Simpson has a list of on-going accomplishments on her resume including: actress, model, singer, writer/blogger, and Alli Simpson is even the brand ambassador for Broadway Nail’s imPRESS Nails line! Whatever Alli Simpson works on, she truly excels in and gives it her 110% passion. Not to forget, this fashionista is a terrific and genuine role model to all her fans!

Here at, I’d like to wish the fabulous Alli Simpson the happiest of birthdays! Happy Birthday, Alli! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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