Article: Will Kelli Berglund Be Guest-Starring In An Upcoming Episode Of “Kickin’ It”? (@KelliBerglund)


 Kelli Berglund fans (a.k.a. “Kellbelles”) love watching the talented Kelli Berglund play her role as “Bree”- your not-so-average teenager with the bionic power of super speed in the hit Disney XD show, Lab Rats. Well, “Kellbelles” will be excited to hear this news that you all will be seeing a lot more of Kelli Berglund on Disney XD; and I’m not just talking about on Lab Rats!!

It looks like Miss. Kelli Berglund might be guest-starring on another hit Disney XD show, Kickin’ It!! So thrilling!

Kelli Berglund got her fans excited by sharing the above picture through her Instagram account and wrote, “hehe”.

So awesome!! It looks like Kelli Berglund fans just have to stay tuned for more details on this terrific news! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, are YOU excited to see Kelli Berglund guest-star on Kickin’ It??

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