VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: The Marvelous Kylie Jenner Sends Out A Message To Her Fans With Alexisjoyvipaccess!


The dazzling Kylie Jenner always has a jam-packed “To Do” list; and is definitely one super hard-working teen in the industry. Whether it be modeling, starring in a reality tv series, doing work as an ambassador for the one and only, Seventeen Magazine, working on her very own fashion line along with her sister- Kendall Jenner, out in PacSun stores (that their fans can’t get enough off!), attending red carpet events; and the list goes on and on… the prolific Kylie Jenner still manages to stay so down-to-earth and oh, so sweet! And it’s clear to see why the “Jenneration” consider Kylie and Kendall fashion icons and lovely role models!

During my recent trip to the City of Angels to cover some red carpet events, I bumped into the radiant Kylie Jenner at Urth Caffe. The vivacious Kylie Jenner sends out an exclusive message to all of YOU, yup, YOU with Alexisjoyvipaccess! Hear Kylie Jenner’s message to all her fans below!

**Since the video may be a little difficult to hear, you can also read Kylie Jenner’s message to her fans with Alexisjoyvipaccess below! 

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Hey VIPs! It’s Alexis Joy, from Alexisjoyvipaccess and today I’m with the gorgeous Kylie Jenner at Urth Caffe and she has a message to say to all of you guys!!

Kylie Jenner: Hello!! Hi guys!! I love you guys and I just wanted to say hello! Nice meeting you!

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  1. Pretty run ins and awesome hello’s! And you just showed too that you’re ready for anything any time.

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