Article: Jack Skuller Debuts His Acting Skills As A Villainous Time Traveler! Watch It Here! (@JackSkuller)


You know Jack Skuller as the musically inclined musician with true and raw talent; but after watching this two- minute short, there’s no doubt about it that you can add “actor” to his list of talents! Jack Skuller recently made his acting debut in a short made for the NYC 24 Hour Film Race. Jack Skuller goes back in time and plays a villainous time traveler!

A job well done to Jack Skuller on an amazing job in his acting debut; and a great job to all the creators of the short as well! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, would YOU like to see more of Jack Skuller’s acting skills? Who else is loving the “throwback” of the ViewMaster in the short?

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Check out Jack Skuller’s acting debut here:

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