Article: Alli Simpson Releases Highly Anticipated Official Music Video For Her Single “Why I’m Single”!


So today was basically the day Alli Simpson fans all around have been counting down for… the release of her official music video for her debut song, “Why I’m Single”!! The hard-working, triple threat- singer, actress, and model: Alli Simpson had a special surprise for fans and released the official music video for her song, “Why I’m Single” today, June 10, 2013 after #WhyImSingleMusicVideo quickly reached the top world-wide trends on Twitter.

Alli Simpson tweeted, “#WhyImSingleMusicVideo is the #1 TTWW! Alright, you asked for it! Here it is- WHY I’M SINGLE [Official Video] – XO”.

Did you know Alli Simpson’s music video was filmed right in her very own room! Alli Simpson is such a fun-loving, talented young lady; and a great role model! Totally love her music video for “Why I’m Single” and absolutely adore her uber catchy song! Definitely a song of the summer, right Simpson fans?!

Check out Alli Simpson’s official music video, “Why I’m Single” below then comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of Alli Simpson’s “Why I’m Single” official music video?! Don’t forget to share it around on all your social media and join the Alli-train by changing your profile pictures to Alli Simpson’s “Why I’m Single” cover artwork! Be sure to buy “Why I’m Single” on iTunes!

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