Article: DJ Sensations- The Verdugo Brothers Release A 35 Minute Mini Mix! Grab The Free Download Here!


 DJ Sensations- The Verdugo Brothers are taking the world by storm; and are impressing fans more and more each day with their immense talent! Have you ever wanted to go to one of The Verdugo Brothers’ performances (who wouldn’t?!), or have you gone to one already and just want to relive the incredible night all over again?! Well if you answered “yes”, then you’re in for a treat!

The Verdugo Brothers just released a 35 minute Trap Mini Mix from their live performance at the G Lounge in Philadelphia!! Get your dubstep/ EDM fix while at the gym, on the beach, and just about anywhere with this download of the Verdugo Brothers’ live performance. And did I mention the download was free? Now you can feel as if you were right then and there at their performance; and for all you lucky ones who were, you can relive the night all over!

Grab the free download at either of these links: or .

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