Kelli Berglund Brings Smiles To The Children At The Ryan Seacrest Studios At CHOC 6/26/13!


The multi-talented actress- Kelli Berglund brought smiles to the wonderful children as she visited the Ryan Seacrest Studios at CHOC today, June 26, 2013. Kelli Berglund tweeted, “So happy to be involved with the @RyanFoundation today… What an amazing and loving organization helping children everywhere!”

Kelli Berglund shared the fantastic picture above through her Instagram account and wrote, “Hanging with some awesome kiddos today at the Ryan Seacrest Studios at CHOC @ryanfoundation”.

The heart-warming picture below was shared via @CHOCChildrens on Twitter. Along with the picture they wrote, “Thank you @kelliberglund for visiting #SeacrestStudios at CHOC! The kids loved it. Come back soon! @RyanFoundation”.


Kelli Berglund is such a great role-model! I’m glad both Kelli Berglund and the magnificent children at CHOC had a terrific day today!

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