Article: Eric Unger Shares Awesome Trailer For His New Youtube Channel! Check It Out Here!


 For all you Eric Unger fans who have been at the edge of your seats highly anticipating a new video from film-maker and Youtube sensation – Eric Unger, it looks the wait for new Youtube videos from Eric Unger won’t be too long! Eric Unger shared an amazing trailer today, July 9, 2013 giving fans a sneak peek preview to upcoming videos that will be released on his new channel!

Eric Unger tweeted, “How would you guys like it if I uploaded a trailer today of all the cool videos I’ve been working on..?” Eric continued by tweeting, “It’s only about 45 seconds, but it gives you guys an idea of my new channel and the style of videos that will be coming out!”.

From hanging out with friends to skateboarding and soaking up the LA sun, Eric Unger continues to excite fans with some fantastic videos that will be shared on his Youtube channel! Check out Eric Unger’s terrific trailer for his new Youtube channel below and don’t forget to subscribe to Eric Unger’s channel – OfficialEricUnger! Amazing trailer, Eric!

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of Eric Unger’s trailer for his new Youtube channel?! Are YOU excited for Eric Unger’s all new Youtube videos? I know I am!

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