Article: Enter In “Teen Beach Movie” Star Mollee Gray’s Life In Her ‘My Day, My Life’ Teen.Com Segment


 Ever wondered what a typical day is like in the life of the fun-loving, talented actress Mollee Gray of Disney Channel’s highly-anticipated and much talked about upcoming movie, Teen Beach Movie?! From back-to-back interviews to wardrobe fittings, joins the fantastic Mollee Gray through her hectic and busy day in Mollee Gray’s “My Day. My Life.” segment. No matter how many things Mollee Gray has on her ‘To-Do List’, Mollee always gets through it all with a big smile on her face and a very positive attitude. Mollee Gray is a ray of sunshine!

Mollee Gray stated, “This moment in time is already surreal! I feel like I don’t know what’s happening because I feel like I watched Disney Channel growing up and I see these people and I’m just like, “Woah! So cool! I want to be on Disney Channel one day!” and the fact that I’m doing it and like the coolest thing is people look up to me.”

See what a typical day is like for the wonderful Mollee Gray in her “My Day. My Life” segment below where she discusses Teen Beach Movie, her passion for dancing, being a role model, and lots more! Be sure to catch Mollee Gray as “Giggles” on Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie premiering July 19, 2013!

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