Article: What Is A Day In The Life Of Actress Mollee Gray Like? Find Out Here! (@MollsGrayy)


 You’ve seen the triple threat: actress, dancer, and singer – Mollee Gray show her talent in projects including Disney Channel’s sensational movie, Teen Beach Movie, “No Strings Attached”, “So You Think You Can Dance?”, and many more! Now is your chance to enter in a day in the life of the hard-working and multi-talented, Mollee Gray in her recent DITLO feature! In Mollee Gray’s DITLO photoshoot gallery, fans see Mollee Gray cooking, rehearsing, and even enjoying some pool time with her friends!

In her DITLO interview, Mollee Gray dishes on what she is most proud of professionally, her personal heroes, who inspires her; and lots more! And here is another reason why Mollee Gray is just so fantastic – she even works alongside an anti-bullying charity she mentions in her DITLO interview! To see more wonderful pictures and journey through a day in the life of Mollee Gray and read more of her DITLO interview, be sure to check out this link:

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