Article: Benjamin Stockham Looking Super Cool At The Children’s Place Phineas & Ferb Shopping Event!


Photo Credits: Tom Vickers

The awesome actor – Benjamin Stockham of NBC’s upcoming and highly-anticipated TV Series, About A Boy looked super cool, as usual, as he attended the Children’s Place Phineas & Ferb Shopping Event in LA on July 27, 2013. Benjamin Stockham enjoyed his time at the event along with fellow attendees including Kyla Drew, Skai Jackson, Caitlin Carmichael, Elsie Fisher, and more!

Check out these great pictures of the wonderful Benjamin Stockham having a blast at the Children’s Place Phineas & Ferb Shopping Event below! Benjamin Stockham even snaps an amazing picture with Perry the Platypus! How cool?! I’m glad Benjamin Stockham had a terrific time at the event!

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