Article: The Verdugo Brothers’ Track “Lift Off” To Be Released 9/16/13 – Take A Listen To A Preview Here!


The epic and world-wide DJ sensations, The Verdugo Brothers’s release of their track “Lift Off” on the renown Black Hole Recordings is right around the corner! The Verdugo Brothers are inarguably incredibly and immensely talented DJs; and “Lift Off” will continue to mesmerize fans all over! The track “Lift Off” also features Francesco Spa and Frankie G.

“Lift Off” truly has electrifying beats that will move you both physically and soulfully! “Lift Off” is the type of track that EDM lovers all over have been waiting for; and is an instant hit on the dancefloor! The Verdugo Brothers never fail to impress their fans and leave an unforgettable lasting impression through their music and performances!

Check out a preview of “Lift Off” at The Verdugo Brothers’ Soundcloud here: ! Be sure to stay tuned on September 16, 2013 for the release of “Lift Off” on the one and only, Black Hole Recordings!

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  1. Your article about The Verdugo Brothers is soooo right.They’re unarguably the best DJ’s that delivers pure excitement and out of this world experience in the music world !

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