Article: Happy, Happy Birthday To The Incredibly Talented Billy Unger 10/15/13! (@BillyUnger)


A very Happy, Happy Birthday to the incredibly talented actor and rockin’ guitar player — Billy Unger! Today, October 15, 2013;  the amazing Billy Unger turns eighteen. Billy Unger exhibits his terrific talent in the highly-acclaimed, fan-favorite Disney XD show, Lab Rats; and is also bringing back 80’s rock to this generation with his electrifying guitar riffs with his band, Fair Warning.

Billy Unger shared the great picture above through his Instagram account and wrote, “Shredding since ’95.. Here’s to 18 more years! Thank you guys for the birthday wishes. #MuchLove #MuchThanks #R&FNR #LabRats”.

Here at, I’d like to wish the fantastic Billy Unger a very Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day, Billy and enjoy your birthday cake!

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