Article: Get The 411 On What The Multi-talented Duo Brandon & Savannah Are Working On! (@BranAndSav)


Brother and sister pop/rock duo, Brandon and Savannah are taking the entertainment industry by storm! Brandon and Savannah are truly a pair of musically inclined and multi-talented musicians who bring a unique and creative vibe through their indie pop/ rock music that fans all over can’t get enough of! In addition, Brandon and Savannah also have a magnificent stage presence engaging in their fans while rockin’ some uber chic and awesome fashion!

 For all Brandon and Savannah’s new and old fans — you’ll be thrilled to hear about all the exciting, upcoming projects Brandon and Savannah are currently working on! Brandon and Savannah have just recently released their EP featuring incredible songs like, “Los Angeles”, “I Don’t Care”, and “Hands Up”. Brandon and Savannah are also embarking on an east coast tour alongside the one and only, R5 at the end of October. Get ready international Brandon and Savannah fans – Brandon and Savannah are also planning a world tour next year… SO TERRIFIC!

The magnificent and amazingly talented Brandon and Savannah definitely have a lot going on – and we all can’t wait to join Brandon and Savannah on this exciting journey through their successful music career!

Check out a video of Brandon and Savannah’s performance of their song, “Hands Up” at City Walk in Los Angeles below! Love what you see? Make sure you catch Brandon and Savannah at some of their performances by checking out their website and performance dates here: . Follow Brandon and Savannah on Twitter: @BranAndSav and check out Brandon and Savannah on iTunes:

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