Article: Jillian Rose Reed Explores “The Happiest Place On Earth” In Her CityWalk TV Segment! (@JillianRoseReed)


 The super talented and radiant actress – Jillian Rose Reed of MTV’s highly-acclaimed TV show, Awkward had a magical time as she explored the “Happiest Place On Earth” — Disneyland for her recent CityWalk TV segment. In Jillian Rose Reed’s “Walkscore: Disneyland” segment, Jillian chats with former Disneyland spokesperson, Oscar and gets the 411 on the iconic Disneyland theme park.

Think you know how many miles you’re walking if you were to spend a day at Disneyland? Jillian Rose Reed gets you the answer to that question and more in her “Walkscore: Disneyland” CityWalk TV episode at this link: . Find out some facts about Disneyland that you may have never known before by checking out Jillian Rose Reed’s magnificent CityWalk TV episode. Great episode, Jillian!

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what’s YOUR favorite ride at Disneyland? I want to know!

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