Article: Billy Unger Brings Back The 80’s With His Nikki Sixx Halloween Costume! (@BillyUnger)


Love Halloween?! So do many of your favorite celebrities! The multi-talented actor / guitarist – Billy Unger brought back the 80’s with his terrific and rockin’ Halloween costume yesterday, October 31, 2013! Can YOU guess who Billy Unger dressed up as? … Billy was Nikki Sixx of the iconic, 80’s rock band – Motley Crue. On Halloween Eve Billy Unger tweeted, “Can’t wait to celebrate my favorite holiday tomorrow.”

Billy Unger then shared the amazing picture above through his Instagram account and wrote, “Happy Halloween everyone!!! From myself and the rest of the #Crue! #NikkiSixx #MotleyCrue #Halloween”.

Billy Unger shared the picture below and wrote, “SHOUT AT THE DEVIL!!!!! #NikkiSixx #LooksThatKill #ShoutAtTheDevil #TooFastForLove #GirlsGirlsGirls #Dr.Feelgood #R&FN’R”.


What an incredible costume, Billy! I hope Billy Unger had a blast this Halloween! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what did YOU dress up as this year for Halloween?

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  1. That’s the awesome part of Halloween time, is to channel yourself and your alter ego pops out . Billy Unger rocks!

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