Article: DJ Sensations – The Verdugo Brothers Release Their Song “Medusa” On Menage Music Label!


 EDM lovers unite! Today is the day we have all been counting down for! DJ sensations – the Verdugo Brothers released their incredible and epic track, “Medusa” today, November 4, 2013 on the Menage Music label! DJ Bad Boy Bill (who is also the founding partner of Beatport) signed the Verdugo Brother’s remarkable track “Medusa” onto his label – Menage Music. A big congratulations to the amazingly talented Verdugo Brothers on this wonderful accomplishment!

The Verdugo Brothers shared on their Instagram account, “It’s Finally Here!! #Medusa on @djbadboybill ‘s label Menage Music! Grab your copy at @beatport (dot) com”.

The Verdugo Brothers continue to blow their fans’ minds with their magnificent track, “Medusa”. The Verdugo Brothers will have you mesmerized and up on your feet dancing all night long with their electrifying beats in their track, “Medusa”. Don’t miss out on a terrific track and buy “Medusa” on Beatport at this link: . Congratulations to the multi-talented Verdugo Brothers!! They are FANTASTIC!

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