Article: Musician Marty Shannon Releases Amazing EP “Literally” 11/30/13! (@Marty_Shannon)


 Marty Shannon fans worldwide – today is the day we’ve all been waiting for!! Today, November 30, 2013; the musically inclined and super talented Marty Shannon released his highly-anticipated EP, “Literally”. “Literally” consists of Marty Shannon’s very own songs, “Make It Official”, “Old School”, “Believer”, “Cynic”, and “Cut Me Deeply”.

Marty Shannon continues to impress his fans with his incredible songs each so unique and magnificent to listen to in their own way! “Literally” is a great EP to listen to while on the road, at home, on a plane, and just about everywhere you go! Marty Shannon’s harmonious vocals and instruments truly create melodies that fans of all ages enjoy and adore!

Marty Shannon tweeted, “In case you missed it last night… IT CAME OUT! My NEW album came out!! Go! Check it out! iTunes! Amazon! Spotify! “.

Be sure to buy Marty Shannon’s excellent EP “Literally” here: and share it to all your friends and families on all your social media!

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the awesome Marty Shannon where he talks about his EP, “Literally” and more!

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