Article: Liz Stanton Marvelous As She Attends The 2013 Hollywood Christmas Parade! (@LizMStanton)


Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World star and philanthropist – Liz Stanton looked stunning (as always) as she attended The Hollywood Christmas Parade Benefiting the Toys For Tots Foundation yesterday, December 1, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Liz Stanton looked fabulous and so graceful as she hosted the event. Liz Stanton is also a great supporter of the Toys For Tots Foundation – she is such an admirable and inspirational young lady!

Elizabeth Stanton tweeted, “Who’s coming out to the @HlywdChristmas parade to see me tonight?!”

Liz Stanton shared many wonderful pictures through her Instagram account of her fun time at the event! Elizabeth Stanton is so fantastic and such a great role model! I’m glad Liz Stanton had a terrific time at the event!

Catch Elizabeth Stanton in the Hollywood Christmas Parade premiering on the Hallmark Channel on December 11th at 2 PM ET/PT!

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  1. I had read a couple of times of your wonderful articles on this Elizabeth Stanton, such a role model especially for the youth today .That’s a VIP right there!

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