Article: Be Sure To Check Out Brandon & Savannah’s Holiday Single – “California Christmas”!


The magnificently talented duo – Brandon and Savannah are getting everyone in the holiday spirit with the release of their original holiday single, “California Christmas”! Brandon and Savannah tweeted, “YAYAYAYAYAYAY so excited to announce that California Christmas is now OUT on ITUNES!!! tell your friends!!!!! ” “California Christmas” has a unique, rock & roll / pop vibe that is a perfect tune to listen to during the holiday festivities! Brandon and Savannah continue to impress their fans with another incredible song!

“California Christmas” is being played on Radio Disney; so it’s up to you… yes, YOU to keep requesting Radio Disney to play “California Christmas”! Buy “California Christmas” on iTunes here: and be sure to share this wonderful song to all your friends and families on all your social media! Terrific song, Brandon and Savannah — love it!

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